Literature, Illustrations & Inspiration

I really miss books that have awesome artwork in them.  I’m not talking about picture books – like something a toddler likes to look at.  Although those are pretty too.  And I know they have the “illustrated/ graphic version” of some bestselling texts.  I’m not talking about those either.

Nah, I’m talking about books that have a handful of gorgeous drawings, pen and ink sketches, and lithographs inside.  It’s like grown ups have been forced to think only kids books have pictures.  Where the hell did that come from?  Awesome books have illustrations.  They inspire.

I have an old Edgar Allan Poe book that a great aunt gave me.  (It’s the one pictured above).  She gave it to me one year at Thanksgiving.  My mother was appalled, but I was thrilled.  When I asked her why she gave it to me, she said it was because I liked to paint those disgusting dragons, and this had lots of disgusting pictures in it that she thought I’d like.  She was right.  I LOVED it!

The book has awesome pictures inside, illustrating some of his stories in detail.  They are so detailed that it really brings the stories to life that much more.

As a reader, good artwork has always attracted me.  I mean good cover art is one thing, but to have stuff inside too is delightful.  Above is one of my fav Harry Clarke drawings from the book I have.

Color me crazy, but I wish more books had a drawing or two thrown in.  I’m currently reading Peter and the Starcatchers and was thrilled to find illustrations inside!  And it’s a good book too, so I’m doubly thrilled.

So, as to whether or not Demon Kissed (my novel) will have lots of illustrations in the book, I can’t say.  But I can say that I’ll continue to make artwork that goes with the book.

Below is the first illustration that I made.  I already posted it other places, but I never formally introduced the painting on the blog.  This is the heroine, Ivy, in her black ball gown with the cursed mark above her brow.

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Literature and illustrations are like peanut butter and jelly in my opinion.  They are good apart, but you slap them together and they’re freakin’ awesome!  I’ll be making more illustrations from Demon Kissed over the next few months cause the story inspires me.  And artists gotta do what inspires them!


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2 Responses to Literature, Illustrations & Inspiration

  1. dream8land says:

    Michel Butor, a French writer of the 20th century, has a theory based on books as objects of art, he calls them livres objets. I don’t know if you speak French but I’ll share the link just for you to see the pictures! They’re great: . Hope you enjoy! I share your opinion that inspiration comes in many forms!

  2. Audrey says:

    maybe sometime u cud read my story and get a picture out of it (:

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