FAQs About Demon Kissed

A lot of you ask me tons of questions every day about my novel Demon Kissed.  Here is the official frequently asked questions (faqs) post.

When is the book coming out?

The release date is TBA.  That means, I don’t have the official date yet.  Publication is determined by a number of different things – most of which I have no control over.  I’ll let you know as soon as I have a date.

Who is the girl in the painting/ image on your site?

That’s a portrait of the heroine, Ivy Taylor.

Where do you get your ideas from?  Is it from real life?

I’m inspired from all sorts of things, but nothing is based 100% in real life.  The ideas come out of my head and spill onto paper.  Usually they are about things that interested me from theology or ancient Greece, and intertwined with the current world.

Did you go to school for writing?

While writing was a central part of my post high school education, it wasn’t the core.  My degree(s) are in religion, with an emphasis on youth and children.  I had to learn to write to teens, and make things that seemed boring, burst with new life.  And yes, I did use huge chunks of my degree to write the book.

Can I read Demon Kissed now?  Can you email it to me?

Nope, sorry!  You gotta wait.  It’ll totally be worth it.  If you feel like you are gonna die in the mean time, fan our facebook page.  You can chat with other fans, and the author, Holly talks to lots of fans too.  It’s a fun place to interact and see how things are progressing.

You said this is the “beginning.”  What’s that mean?

It means, you found us early!  I created this page for my regional fan base to track the progression of my novel.  A few teens found out about it, and they LOVED the idea, and told their friends.  The fans grew organically, as you guys shared our page with your friends and family.  Currently, I’m seeking representation for the novel.  I’ll post updates as things move along.  You guys are awesome!

Is this a love story?

Yup.  It’s an awesome romance.

Does it have vamps?

This has a new breed of hero.  They have the mystery and intensity of vamps, but they aren’t vampires.  This story is about the Demon Kissed, or the Valefar, who are soulless servants of Hell.  If you like vamps, you’ll like this.

Do you really hate pink?

No, it’s a joke.  I prefer to wear solid black almost all the time, but I seem to have collected a lot of pink clothing recently.  My husband thinks it’s my new favorite color, and teases me about it.  I was ribbing him on my blog.  (The background says I HATE PINK).


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New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author.
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2 Responses to FAQs About Demon Kissed

  1. stormi says:

    is it aloud at public school libarys

  2. I don’t see why not, although I cannot guarantee that your school library will purchase the book, but I hope they do!

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