Wahoo! 15,000 Demon Kissed Fans!

We just passed 15,000 facebook fans for Demon Kissed! You guys are amazing!

And lots of folks have already read chapter 1 and commented.

Here are some of the fan reviews of Chapter 1:

“Very intense.  A page turner for sure!” -Sybil J.

“I was cooking dinner while I was reading it, and I couldn’t even focus on the cooking part. Someone else had to take over because I was too into the chapter!  It’s fantastic!” -Apryl G.

“It’s so vivid that I felt like I was there.  Intense.  I can’t wait to read the rest!” -Christina L.

“I loved it!  I couldn’t put it down.” -Isabelle W.

“It was awesome.  I can’t wait to buy the book once it comes out.” -Mandy P.

“OMG That chapter was EPIC!!! I am buying this when it comes out! I can’t wait!” -Alexandrea H.

“LOVE IT!” -Desiree E.

“I’m…totally obsessed!…Best first chapter EVER!” -Grace M.

“OMG!  That chapter was so EPIC!!!  I LOVED IT!!!  I’m so buying the book once it comes out!” -Toni M.

“I absolutely loved the first chapter of Demon Kissed!! I can’t wait until it comes out!!” -Alison V.

“Wow that was good…Everything around me was a blur…I felt like I was Ivy.” -Tatiana T.


“Epic…I can’t wait to buy it.”  -Marissa B.

“It grabs hold of you and make you want more! Now I’m dying to finish reading it. I want to know the end , and who was the hot hero. H.M. Ward is an incredible author! I love her way of writ(ing). I would defiantly advise a lot of young adult readers to keep up with this book, and get it when it comes out!” -Danielle T.

“I loved it and can’t wait to read more!!!” -Heather N.

“That was amazing!! I can’t wait to get the book!! I am so OBSESSED now!! The best chapter ever!!” -Envy O.

“Epically good.” -David M.

“Amazing!” -Emily R.

“Loved it!” -Sherilann R.

Go check it out Chapter 1 right now!



About HM Ward

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author.
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