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Dystopian Hoopla

While the picture is very funny, it does not define dystopian literature.  So here is a definition. DYSTOPIAN: an often futuristic society that has crashed into a repressive and controlled state, often pretending to be utopian or perfect/ ideal. Really, … Continue reading

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Awesome stuff

So, there has been some awesome stuff going on. I had several agents request my full manuscript a few weeks ago.  They all asked for it back to back.  It was like BAM!  I got their attention. In the end, … Continue reading

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Interview with HM Ward – the author of Demon Kissed

I recently gave a interview, and thought I’d share the questions and responses about DEMON KISSED.  This is the guts of the “interview.”  It was done with Breanna, and she asked GREAT questions! Thanks so much for asking Breanna!!!  You … Continue reading

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