Interview with HM Ward – the author of Demon Kissed

I recently gave a interview, and thought I’d share the questions and responses about DEMON KISSED.  This is the guts of the “interview.”  It was done with Breanna, and she asked GREAT questions!

Thanks so much for asking Breanna!!!  You did a stellar job!!!

Breanna H.: Im turning 14 in June! I get to do a report on an Author? May I use you for my essay?

Holly: Awh! You are so sweet!…I would ♥ that.

Breanna H.: So, do you mind if I ask some questions?  What inspired you to write?

Holly:  Life.  I have to write. It’s an innate need – good for the soul. 🙂

Breanna H.: Very excellent!

2. What gave you the idea of writing your upcoming novel? Basically, how did you know this idea would eventually become your upcoming book – Demon Kissed.

Holly:  Good question!

I hadn’t written any fiction for a long time and wanted to start writing again. When I started, the only thing that I knew was that I wanted the heroine to be a 17-year-old INFJ (Myers-Briggs personality), and to string …together three things: Theology, Folklore, and Life. Demon Kissed was the result.

Breanna H.:  That’s exactly the kind of writer I like, I love dark novels like Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Demon Angel, and now Demon Kissed.

I love Books and I would love to interview an author. It’s the coolest experience ever. Like interviewing a movie star, because after all books are like movies in your head!

3. The Main Character, how did you design her personality? The first chapter starts out so exciting…I know most of us aren’t too sure about her personality yet, but that she was with the demon kissed guy (Valefar) for a couple of months. How do you make her develop through the story?

Holly: I wanted the main character to be normal…well, normalish. Not a movie star, not a super model, not perfect – just normal. Ivy is intuitive, sensitive (though she tries to hide it), caring, complex, and a classic control freak. Ivy has a past, and she has to deal with it like everyone else. It’s the events of her life that throw her into chaos and propel her through the book.

Breanna H:  Oooo! Sounds very interesting. So I’m assuming we will see some of her own life as well in the book?

What would be the main theme of the book Good Vs Evil? or is there something more? Or what experience would you like your readers to have when reading the book?

Holly:  Yes, the reader will see more of Ivy’s life, and her past, as the book goes on.

It is a good vs evil as the primary conflict, with secondary conflict threaded throughout. Secondary conflict example: Ivy vs herself, as she deals with internal… turmoil of her past and her future.

The book was created so that the reader will feel Ivy’s experience as Ivy lives through it. It was crafted so they feel what she’s feeling – not just thinking. For people who like literature that evokes emotion – they’ll really like this.


About HM Ward

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author.
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3 Responses to Interview with HM Ward – the author of Demon Kissed

  1. I may not be a writer like you but I am a poetist and hope I can write as well as you when I grow up,by the way LOVE YOUR BOOK!

  2. Cass says:


  3. Savanna Barnes says:

    I am not a famous writer like you, but I want to be. I hope I become one. My middle school teacher once told me he loved my writing voice. He said he loved how I choose my own words. He told me I had an excellent writing skill at such a young age. Therefore, I hope I will become a great writer just like you. =)
    You have inspired me even more to become a famous writer. Thank you!! =)

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