Demon Kissed’s Sale Rank is Climbing

Okay, watching the book rankings is like watching grass grow.  It’s really slow and it slides, up then down, then up more, then down more…you get the idea.  Anyway, I’m trying to control myself, and stopped watching the Demon Kissed sales rank for a few days.  I happened to look at my book’s Nook ranking this morning – and it shot way up!  Wahoo!

There are over 2 million books, magazines, kid books, etc. in B&N nookbook store to compete with.  Demon Kissed was sitting around 80,000 the first few days, and shot up to the  1,400’s already!  (The goal is to get to the top 100, or #1 if you are super ambitious).

And if there are other Indie authors out there that are thinking, “It’s Nook.  Who cares, it’s not like it’s Kindle.”  Um, my Nook sales are kicking Kindle’s butt.  Yeah, I know that’s weird.  For a while a they were neck and neck, and now Nook has a clear lead.  I’ll see how the next couple of months play out.  Either way, it’s very interesting since Kindle is supposed to dominate the ebook market.

Anyway, just want to share.  Hooray!  We are in the pre-release date window.  The original release date of Demon Kissed was expected to be April 15, 2011, however, the paper copy and the ebook listings both went live about 2 weeks early.  Signed copies of the paperback go out next week.  The lot I ordered sold out.  We may do another round of signed copies that will ship later this summer.

And, btw, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You guys are awesome.  The reviews you’re writing are great too.  I never expected such praise.  People are saying that they can’t put Demon Kissed down, and that it redefined their definition of soul mate.  That’s major!  It’s cool when books have some depth and are fun to read.  I’m glad Demon Kissed has captured your attention in multiple ways.  Keep the emails and facebook posts coming!  I love hearing from you guys and try to answer everyone.  Plus, there are like 35,000 readers to hang with over there on FB.  It’s awesome.  🙂

A Demon Kissed giveaway will start soon.  Keep your eyes peeled!


About HM Ward

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author.
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