I had to share this review of DEMON KISSED with you guys. She did a great job sharing the book and she did it without any spoilers!

Check it out!

Shawna Johnson’s review of DEMON KISSED by H.M. Ward
Jul 26, 2011

“Just one word is going to start off my review….


Like seriously. Wow I have to tell you all, I loved this book. I really wasn’t thinking too much into reading it, then I re-read the summary and I was like okay, I will read it. I now my mind is like “What the heck, how did that turn out to be so utterly amazing?!” I was seriously hooked from page one. And I am not lying one bit, maybe even the first paragraph had me by my teeth.

First off, the very idea for the book. A demon kiss. Like, how amazing does this sound….amazingly bad…oh shoot. Just amazing. I have never have came across a concept like this one, and it worked so perfectly. H.M. had me caught in an amazing story and I was glued to my nook all day.

I don’t even think I could give you all a summary of this book, because it would be so full of spoilers and my intense emotion you all would be like…”Well, she just messed this up for all of us! Dang YOU!” But no, I will not do that to you all, because this books needs to be read and felt by you!

The characters were amazing, and plot was killer, and I felt like I could see every image H.M. Ward gave me right in front of me. Everything came alive and I was so hooked into this story, I could not believe what was going on from one page to the next. I never really knew who to fully trust in this book and I wanted to get to the bottom of every mystery Ivy had, because I desperately wanted everything to work out somehow for her.

The ending wanted to make me hurl my nook at the wall, I was just so torn with everything going on, and then it ended! I could not just leave it like that! Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting book number two to come out in August. I almost feel like I can not wait that long. Because I HAVE to know how Ivy and Collin will come out of all of this.

Pick up this book. You will be drawn into this book and you will not want to put it down until it is done. It is simply amazing and I must know what happens next.

Happy Reading All.

Signed copies of CURSED are available for pre-order.  The scheduled release date for CURSED is August 31, 2011.


About HM Ward

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author.
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