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New cover for SATAN’S STONE (book #4) in the bestselling Demon Kissed YA Paranormal Romance Series

So, I was looking at the old SATAN’S STONE cover and it wasn’t what I wanted at all.  Some might even be so bold to say that it was really ugly and looked like a teenage girl made it in … Continue reading

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Awesome Demon Kissed Fan Art!

This is an awesome piece of fan art from the book DEMON KISSED by HM Ward. DEMON KISSED is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel – the 1st in the bestselling series! Check it out! Nani art!  Didn’t she do … Continue reading

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Fan Dresses Up as Ivy from Demon Kissed for Halloween

Check it out – super awesome fan all dressed up as Ivy Taylor from the best selling Young Adult Paranormal Romance series DEMON KISSED by H.M. Ward. I can’t even tell you how awesome it is to see someone dressed up … Continue reading

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Being a Sublime Romantic, dude.

Dude, sublime romantic pretty much takes my personality, likes, and dislikes and cans it in two words.  Weird, but true.  So let’s check it out.  You can see if you are one, too. SUBLIME:  The sublime is a form of … Continue reading

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